Proud Parents 

We here at Pier7Porties are proud of all of our parents and have always considered them the bones to our wonderful establishment. We take it very serious when choosing a parent and take in to consideration many different things within the Portuguese water dog breed. Each and every parent we have is a part of our family and are considered our pets. Our motto has always been and will forever continue to be "To produce strong, beautiful, healthy dogs, who are intelligent and possess a good temperament and companionship, regardless of the family that they are placed with". We began 9 years ago with the healthiest of the healthy and will never stray away from that. All of our puppies for sale have parents that are tested and cleared for congenital diseases within the Portuguese Water Dog Breed that there is current testing for. Pier 7 Porties imported our main stock from Italy and France and have grown to be able to produce all colors within the breed: Black, Whites, Browns, Cream/Tan. If you are looking for a good portuguese water dog puppy from healthy and smart parents look no further and please if you have any questions at all regarding any of our parents please feel free to email us at