Our Puppy Families

     There is no greater feeling in the world than to place our puppies in a loving and deserving home. Each one of our puppy families are special to us and we have made many new life long friends throughout this journey. We thank each and every one of them for providing the care and love to our babies that they deserve. I often find myself coming to this website just to look at this page because it truly makes my heart happy. I wish I could keep all of our puppies and their families on our website at all times but there simply is not enough room, so I do my best to keep them updated and rotate through different ones. The one thing I hope for is that all of you who have taken the time to look at our website or come across this page have the same joy in your life as these dogs bring to ours. We are very blessed to get to do what we love and at the same time make new friends and meet new people from all around the world. If anyone sees a picture on here of you or your dog that you do not wish to share, please email me and I will be happy to remove it. I try hard to not post anything that I have not received permission for and have no intentions of invading anyone's privacy.Thank you again to all of our new friends and families, we appreciate each and everyone of you. God Bless! 

Family Testimonials 

Hi Christy and Diane! I hope you are doing well! We love Cooper SO much! He is such a smart, sweet and amazing dog! Kyle and I gush about how awesome he is everyday... haha."----Kyle and Jamie

    "Christy, We LOVE her! She has adjusted well and is doing fantastic!  She loves the cat and Jett, but they are pretending that she is invisible right now! Lol!  I think Jett is beginning to realize that she is here to stay and is starting to acknowledge her. She is absolutely the sweetest and most lovable puppy ever! I assure you that she is getting constant attention and love! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!"----Alisa, AR

"He is perfect, Thank you for all your hard work. Me and my husband were so worried about doing this in the beginning but so happy we did and you have been so great to work with, thank you for your patience"-----Maria and Lan-WI

He is getting big (27 lbs). We are amazed at how smart he is and his little personality is off the charts. You and your mom breed top notch puppies!! Thank you again for letting us have him"-------------Nancy, MO

"You all have been so patient in answering all my questions and educating me on this wonderful breed. We are so excited and now have confidence to take the next step in getting Shay"-----------------Abby, MI

"You are absolutely a genuine person, Speaking with you and texting back and forth can tell you are a very caring person. Thank you for all of the information. I have reread our emails and I can't thank you enough!! If you were standing in front of me I might squeeze the breath out of you with a thankful huh. You have made my family complete and you have made me the best mom in the world"------------Cindy, TN

"Dixie is the cutest, she has brought so much joy to our home. We can't thank you enough"--------------Jackie, MS 

"Buddy Boy is a wonderful. I just love him. We wanna get our own place like a frat house, Shoulda named him Ted."---------------P.M., NY

"He is here and we are in Love!!!! Pictures don't do him justice. He is soooooo adorable <3 <3 <3"-------------Serena, OR

"Diane is an excellent Breeder, very caring and loves all of her dogs so much. We have bought two girls from her and plan to buy another for our daughter in the near future. Wecan not thank her enough. She continues to be very helpful and always available for any updates or questions we have. I know from experience she stays in close contact with all of her puppies families. "...................Laurie S. UT

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