Knowing your dogs health provides a good piece of mind and shows a passionate 

We here at Pier 7 Porties believe strongly in the need and importance of health testing our dogs and are proud to say that all of our parents have been tested and cleared of genetic diseases common within this breed, in which there is current testing for. We stand behind this by offering a lifetime health guarantees to each dog or puppy we place. We believe that it is not enough to have a health guarantee for one or two years, as many of these illnesses do not begin to show symptoms until later in the dog's life nor can the dog be tested for some diseases until the dog reaches a certain agf many tests can not be performed until the dogs is of a certain age. To our fellow breeders we strongly encourage you all to do the same. While it may be a hassle to do so and take a little extra time and money to do so, the outcomes on our healthy dogs are well worth it and it these diseases are not something that should continue to be passed on. When buying a puppy from us you will receive a copy of our testing but please feel free to email us regarding any questions pertaining to our dog's health or their testing. Pier 7 Parents have been cleared for JDCM, GM-1, PRA, and all other age appropriate testing has been done. The girls are working on their AKC titles are are going great.

THE OFA PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES The Mission Of The OFA:    To Promote The Health And Welfare Of Companion Animals Through A Reduction In The Incidence Of Genetic Disease.

The OFA Is Guided By The Following Four Specific Objectives:

*To CollateAnd Disseminate Information Concerning Orthopedic And Genetic Diseases Of Animals. *

* To Advise, Encourage And Establish Control Programs

* To Lower The Incidence Of Orthopedic And Genetic Diseases.

*To Encourage And Finance Research In Orthopedic And Genetic Disease In Animals.

* To Receive Funds And Make Grants To Carry Out These Objectives.

information obtained from OFA website

Information Obtained Form OFA Website

For More Information On Health Testing Or To Obtain Health Results Click On The Tabs Below Or Go To Www.Ofa.Org Or Www.Caninehealthinfo.Org