A little about us 

Pier 7 Porties is the creation of my four daughters, my allergies, and the love for portuguese water dogs. It all started about ten years ago when my doctor informed me that I had Asthma and Allergies and later a  diagnosis with an autoimmune disorder. I have always been a healthy and active woman. This was something  that I had lived without my whole life without and then all of the sudden it hit me and I was sick. I had always had large dogs in my life and at that time I had Sadie, my Great Dane who I rarely spent time away from and Bonnie, a Great Pyrenees that took guarding our home and property  as a very serious job. These were my girls and with much denial could not possible fathom the possibility that they could be making me sick, I under went several allergy tests, spent thousands of dollars, seen so many specialists that I lost count, and felt like I was assisting in a medical trial with all of the different medications I had tried. My worst fears were confirmed. My girls would not be able to live in the house with me and despite several rounds of shots, there was little to no relief of the horrid symptoms. It was a sad time to think I would never have this bond again. I researched breed after breed of different hypoallergenic dogs that might not affect my breathing. I spent months reading profiles, searching websites, watching Animal Planet and dog shows until I could name almost name every breed so I found myself feeling limited to either a small toy or terrier breed, a Standard Poodle, or a possible Doodle of some sort. That was until I was watching a dog show on Animal Planet and see the most amazing dog and fell in love immediately. He was alert, playful, beautiful, and not the size of my purse. I immediately started my researching on the Portuguese Water Dog. That was the easy part. I knew as soon as I seen my boy Teddy's puppy picture that he was the one. I knew immediately that he was the one and immediately fell in love with his little black and white smiling face. My daughter had started contacting possible breeders in hopes of finding the right match for me and my soon to be first PWD puppy. Ironically she had been treated poorly by some of the other portuguese water dog breeders and told that because I still had my girls, Sadie and Bonnie, I would not be a candidate and would not even considered for a potential home for a PWD. It was devastating news to say the least as I had already gotten my hopes on buying a new furry little porties puppy. Teddy's breeder was a wonderful lady who was full of knowledge and love of the breed, but mostly she was encouraging , polite and a friend. Susan or Sunkist Portuguese Water Dogs has been an inspiration as to how to treat people and I hope all of our Pier 7 Portie families can say the same for us.Pier 7 Porties has made the Portuguese Water Dog the staple of the American home for families with allergy sufferers and active lifestyles. With great pride and prestige we have been honored to be a part of such a wonderful breed filled with every trait you should desire in a furry companion. Pier 7 Porties has brought the best lines from around the world to add to the already established American lines that continue to excel in the rings and trials . It is with the help of Fabiana of Do Lusiadas Kennel in Italy that has allowed us to follow our dreams of producing the best PWD in America. It was with great research and breaking language barriers that brought us to where we are today. We, here at Pier 7 Porties, hope to make an impact on the PWD world in conformation, agility, rally, hunting and as a therapy dogs, but it is their ability to fit in the homes and hearts of everyone they touch that is their greatest achievement. The potential of the Portie is limitless and with a history rich in fishing and retrieving we are even hoping to introduce our Porties to the world of sporting and retrieving dogs. We feel strongly they can compete with any retrieving breed and will have a strong impact on this new adventure. In trying to keep up with the times, we would like to invite every PWD enthusiast to join us on our Face Book page at pier7porties or portuguese water dog puppies for sale. Or you can like andour pinterest page too. Would love for you to find us on pinterest as well. We will be making every effort to update it daily with a Puppy Blog and general information about the happenings of Pier7porties. We also hope to share stories and pictures of all of our fellow PWD families.